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Behind the Scenes of Charlotte High School’s Epic “One Take” Video

Step aside, “High School Musical“, Charlotte High School‘s epic 4-months-in-the-making-10-minute-medley comprised of 80+ lip synchers, over 1,500 students (including Principal Corsaletti and the Tarpon Mascot!), over school 45 clubs and 150+ posters painted by the Art Club, is comprised of amazingness that wins national championships!

…and they did this with one take. Oh, yes. 1. Numero Uno. It is total perfection and sums up what a high school experience should be. I’ve walked these halls, corridors, gymnasium and cafeteria countless times back when my husband and I were Leaders for Charlotte Harbor Young Life – this is a lot of ground to cover – so one take is truly a noble feat!

Charlotte High School Art Teacher and Varsity Cheerleading Coach, Emily Baniak, shares an inside look of all the awesomeness behind the scenes and *gasp* never before seen clips during and following shoot (see below)! Baniak says, “Approximately 4 months ago a team of 5 students came together to create a school-wide project promoting spirit. The team met with administrators and staff members to plan the details of this event down to every last student’s location. Students signed up for the club, sport, or class they wanted to represent out of over 45 choices. Art club spent two weeks painting approximately 150 posters to hang or have students hold throughout the route. The day before the event, over 50 students stayed after school and well into the evening helping to decorate in preparation for the event. The school was completely transformed! It looked like something out of a movie. The morning of the recording, the students that were lip syncing arrived at 6:30am to walk through their route. Students came to school dressed to the nines in their blue and gold spirit wear and team jerseys. Once the school day began, all students were shown an intro video outlining the goal and examples of what this should look like. Everyone was dismissed to their locations, and 4 large speakers were simultaneously playing the music as the camera traveled around the school! The entire video took 9-10 minutes to film and there were no practice runs. After the camera passed each section, students moved to the courtyard for the final scene. I have never seen so much excitement or spirit in any group as I did during that shot! The quick ending shot in the video doesn’t do it justice! Students were screaming and cheering well before the camera even made its way to this area. Teachers were gleaming from ear to ear recording the excitement of the students, and the entire student body was jumping up and down, holding students on their shoulders, tossing balloons, and holding signs. I couldn’t help but have chills and feel so overwhelmed with hope and encouragement. With over 1500 students participating, there wasn’t ONE student that tried to do something inappropriate or out of line. No decorations were ripped down and no students tried to act out in front of the camera, which is an unbelievable feat when you consider the demographic of so many teens. It was evident that the student body and staff knew that this event was so much more than a school project. It represented the pride that our whole community has for CHS, the joining of all students to represent diversity and unity, and the hope that despite any differences we share, we are all a family that is able to celebrate together as one. When the video concluded everyone stayed in the courtyard for at least 5 minutes celebrating what was accomplished. I know tears of excitement and relief were shed from the team members. There was a lot of doubt going into this project that it could be a disaster. The 5 team members had enormous weight on their shoulders because if the ONE recording was messed up at any point along the route, the video would be ruined. After several minutes of celebration, the students proceeded inside to begin cleaning up. It was incredible to watch. Students weren’t running around or causing trouble. They were all so enamored, inspired, and thankful to be part of this project. In less than 30 minutes the school was cleaned and students returned to class for a normal day- but with a little more love for CHS than before.”





Art Club
Art Club made 150+ posters that are featured throughout the entire video.
Behind the scenes
Behind the scenes


*drum roll* – – – The moment you’ve been waiting for… pure fun, heart and Tarpon Pride all wrapped up in just 10 minutes of incredibleness!

Take a bow, Tarps! You’re making national headlines and going viral. We are so proud to have Charlotte High School in our community and of all of you involved! Check out the article written by Fox in Atlanta this morning (click here).

“One School. One Family. One Tradition. One Take.”

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