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DIY Farmhouse Bench {that you can totally do yourself}

The new school year is coming – whether it’s online on in-person – it’s a comin’!! As I checked off the school supply lists, washed the uniforms and hung the backpacks in the mudroom, I realized that we’ve outgrown that space and it needed a totally new makeover. Focal point? The bench. Old burlap bench went to the Sunshine Veranda (yay!) and I was ready to custom order a Farmhouse Bench to fit the length of the mudroom.

I searched. I researched. I HomeGoods’d/T.J.Maxx’d/Marshall’d. I Facebook Marketplace’d. I found the perfect local vendor to build me a bench. We discussed dimensions, cost, colors. I ordered. Then… Silence.

2 weeks later, no bench. With school starting a week from Monday, momma took matters into her own hands and researched online. DIY sites. Mom blogs. The Home Depot blog. I found the one that inspired my now Ashley-ified Farmhouse Bench (kudos and thank you for the inspo, Natalie Dalpias of The Creative Mom and The Home Depot)!!

Here. We. Go! Updated supply list, pictures, commentary and silliness. Start to finish, here’s the goodness!

Supply List:
☆ 8 (or 9 if you messed up like me!) 2″x4″ studs
☆ 2.5″ wood screws
☆ Stain (I prefer Minwax Dark Walnut #2716 for a deep brown finish)
☆ Paint (I used BEHR White Semi-Gloss #3900-N)
☆ Sealer (I used Varathane water-based Crystal Clear Satin, it turned out ok, I may use a wipe-on Poly next time!)
☆ Paint brush, Roller and rag for Stain
☆ Other things you may want/need that I didn’t use such as Wood Filler, Wood Glue, Kreg Jig (I have the Pocket Hole) and a glass of bubbles on ice for later

Ryobi Miter Saw (15amp, 10″, sliding saw with Quickstand. I LOVE IT.)
Ryobi Cordless Drill (18-Volt, ONE+)
☆ Tape Measure
Sharpie (marking measurements)
Black+Decker Sander (I used whatever sandpaper I had on there from before lol, although 150 grit should do the trick)
☆ Muscle and elbow grease (because I needed to used my bodyweight to get those screws in!)
☆ Protection you want (eye, hearing, mask, prayer, etc)
☆ Instructions printed out from here or The Home Depot/The Creative Mom. 2 different styles with 1 amazing Farmhouse look!

Cut List (that I customized to have a bottom shelf, deeper & fit our Mudroom)
☆ 5 2×4’s – 76″ (for top/seat)
☆ 1 2×4’s – 48″ (for top horizontal board that connects the 2 legs)
☆ 3 2×4’s – 52″ (for bottom horizontal boards that connects the 2 legs & creates shelf)
☆ 4 2×4’s – 17.5″ (2 for top of leg, 2 to reinforce seat. These are the depth of the seat)
☆ 4 – 2×4’s – 15.5″ both ends cut off at 10°, ends run parallel /__/ (for sides of legs)
☆ 2 – 2×4’s – 12.5″ both ends cut off at 10°, ends DO NOT run parallel /__\ (holds 2 legs together)
☆ OPTIONAL if you like the look of diagonal supports
2 – 2×4’s – 13 3/8″ both ends cut off at 45°, ends run parallel /__/ (for optional diagonal supports)

Let’s get this party started! Instructions for building:

1) Cut ALL your pieces and label them (if needed, I took a hot pink Sharpie and marked the length so I wouldn’t mix anything up!) Pictured, my tiniest me!

2) Let’s build those sets of legs! Grab the follow pieces, assemble them so they look like this (below), use wood glue (if desired) and get drillin’

1 Leg =
☆ 1 – 2×4 – 17.5″
☆ 2 – 2×4’s – 15.5″ /__/ (for sides of legs)
☆ 1 – 2×4 – 12.5″ /__\ (middle piece that holds 2 legs together)

3) Now that you have made a set of super sexy legs, grab your 48″ (1) for the top support and 52″ (3) 2×4’s for the bottom support. Assemble them together (see below) and reinforce with screws. I did 2 screws at each joint to make sure it was super sturdy.

Optional: If you opted to have the diagonal cross beams, you’d assemble them at this time (not pictured, I opted out for a shelf)

4) Let’s put that seat together! Grab your 5 – 68.5″ 2×4’s and final 2 – 17.5″ boards.

Lay the 5 boards evenly together. I used a long table to avoid sitting on the ground all day and breaking my back! I reinforced each and every beam to the 17.5″ boards, one at each end. I decided to reinforce them at the very end of the beams, I felt it would be sturdier and look super amazing once painted.

Note: these reinforcement boards were added later after the 1st set of legs that I messed up (hence ugly screws). When I do this again, I will make sure the length of these boards are the same as the depth of the seat.

5) Bench, Assemble! (all I can think about saying this in the voice of Captain America when he shouts, “Avengers, assemble!!”) What do you expect, I’m a boy mom.

Assemble top onto the middle of the base (2 sets of legs with horizontal supports) like so:

Note: 2 additional 52″ 2×4’s for shelf were added later when I had an epiphany that they would make an amazing storage area for baskets, shoes, and anything that falls out of their backpacks.

6) Bring it all together. I used a screw through each board on top to fasten it to the leg base. The more the merrier, I figured, since I have 5,7 & 9 year olds beating up this bench this daily.

After my zillionth screw, I solicited the help of our friend Coach Wayne to borrow his super strength for the last couple of screws.

7) Grab your sander, it’s sanding time! I usually prefer getting sandy sitting on the beach of Boca Grande, however smoothing out this beauty was fun as well. I decided to sand the entire top, Lord knows there is splinters and snags waiting to happen on top! I also smoothed out the edges, corners, and anywhere my trusty Miter Saw splintered the wood.

8) Optional, wood filler for screws. Call it a rustic look, call it I-have-no-patience – I opted out and went straight for Stain!

9) I chose to stain first. It is easier to paint over my ‘oopsies’ with the opaque white paint than the other way around. From past experience, I prefer to roll on stain then wipe down with a shop rag. Be sure to wear gloves or you you’ll pay the price later… your nail lady won’t be thrilled either.

Did I mention wear an apron or ucky clothes? No? Ok. Wear an apron or ucky clothes!

She’s getting there! I chose to stain it upside down first (only the seat, no beams) then flip it over to finish off the top and sides. Viola!

Yay, the background is pretty so my better half took a picture of my project and I!

10) I let this dry overnight since I wanted to flip this beauty on it’s side to paint the white for multiple reasons:
– make sure it was totally dry so I didn’t mess up the stain on the bench
– so any white paint that drips will not drip into the stain and ruin the seat

Once the stain is set, set the bench on its side and get to work!

Super cute tiny helper alert: Nice form, Jack!

11) I let the white paint completely dry before adding 2 coats of the clear finish. I wasn’t super thrilled with the brush-on version that I purchased. Next time I will do a wipe-on finish that is formulated just for stain. Regardless, it still looks fab!

That pretty Lilly Pulitzer Jeep in the background is General Leia!

12) Let the sealer of your choosing set and you are DONE! I ended up putting clear contact paper on the bottom shelf so it wouldn’t get ruined by shoes and the baskets it will be storing.

Finished product. Super happy with how it turned out, especially adding an extra board to make the seat deeper and 2 beams on the bottom to create a shelf. I felt that this “Ashley-ified” version of the bench is more functional for our chaotic lifestyle while still having a Farmhouse Bench look.

Before and after pictures of the Mudroom to come. Thank you for checking out this DIY Farmhouse Bench goodness. please share, follow our blog, leave a comment below! You can find other adventures and projects at

Have a blessed day, friends!

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